Will holding two smallmouth bass while sitting next to a little boy.

How to Start Bass Fishing for Beginners

From coast to coast, bass fishing can be found across the United States. And it wasn’t until a few years ago when I started my bass fishing journey in the summertime when the trout fishing slowed down. I started to learn bass fishing by watching an epic amount of videos on YouTube and the Bass Pro Tour on TV. While you can get consumed with so many different baits, gear, setups, and tips on how to catch bass, the first thing I tell someone just getting into bass fishing: make it simple!

For any beginner bass fishing angler, the easiest way to go fishing starts with a simple rod and reel. Go find a medium 7 foot rod and a matching reel you can use to pitch Senko worms wacky rig style. Without a boat or a kayak, the easiest way to learn bass fishing is pond hopping small bodies of water from the bank. You can cover more ground, learn the technique of fishing a worm wacky rig style, and pick apart an area with multiple casts over and over again.

You won’t break your bank account, you don’t have to buy a fancy boat, and you will be able to fish fast and catch lots of bass. And for kids, this can be a super fun way for them to catch bass at their local pond with their own rod and reel, and get hooked into fishing for life!

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