Will and his smelly jelly.

Smelly Jelly Liquid Jell, the Newest Crab Attractant on the Market

It smells, it stinks, and the Dungeness crabs love it!I have been a huge proponent of using crab attractant on crab bait when targeting Dungeness crabs. For years the staple Pro-Cure attractant and the Smelly Jelly gel have been my go-to attractants. But a new attractant has hit the market: the Smelly Jelly liquid brine & attractant.When I first put eyes on this new attractant, I had to try it. I grabbed a bottle of attractant, put 6 chicken drumsticks in two gallon ziplock bags, then added two squeezes worth of attractant into each bag, massaging the attractant to hit every piece of chicken.On a cold but non-rainy January day, I headed out for a quick crabbing trip with my uncle to test out and use the Smelly Jelly gel. On the first pass, we picked up a few keepers, all with crab slip ring traps containing Smelly Jelly brined chicken. After moving the crab gear around, we found a productive spot, picking up another dozen keepers. And the majority of the keeper cabs, including a couple Dungeness crabs over 7 inches, were caught with chicken brined with the Smelly Jelly gel.On the day we picked up 15 crabs, of which 12 in total came from chicken with the new attractant. I would say the Smelly Jelly gel works wonders. Give it a try and see how many keeper Dungeness crabs you can catch!

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