Bouy 10 hatchery salmon.

Super Bowl of Salmon Fishing: Bouy 10

Fall salmon fishing at Buoy 10 in Astoria has many names. The Buoy 10 fishery. Buoy 10. Fall fishing in Astoria. But we call it the Super Bowl of salmon fishing. For over a month, recreational anglers from the Northwest and across the country head down to Astoria, Oregon for some of the best chinook salmon fishing in the world. The fishing at Buoy 10 is fast-paced, fishing changes almost hourly, Buoy 10 can produce some amazing fishing stories, keep you scratching your head on why you can’t get a bite, or give you days when the salmon will not leave your lures alone.In 2013, I went fishing at Buoy 10 for the very first time. I watched hundreds of fishing boats head out into the estuary chasing chinook salmon before first light as I tried to stay awake. A very slow start to the day turned into chaos when my rod folded over mid-morning, and I landed my biggest salmon at the time. And yes, I started to fall asleep right as the bite happened. The afternoon fishing was wild with 5 fish landed in less than 45 minutes with rods folding over almost on queue. That’s Buoy 10 fishing: you can go from zero to limited quickly.10 years later in 2023, Buoy 10 continues to be the Super Bowl of salmon fishing. A place with hundreds of anglers chasing fall salmon each day, fishing with new friends and seeing them land their first salmon ever, and re-connecting with fishing guides and fishing friends. Buoy 10 is an experience, a journey into a fishery unlike any other salmon fishery. Fishing at Buoy 10 is like the Super Bowl: ups and downs, highs and lows, memories you will never forget, hanging out with friends, family, and fishing freaks, and spending time right up until that last pass to get that big takedown. But most of all, you will always be a winner! If you want to experience one of the best salmon fisheries in the world, go fishing at the Super Bowl of salmon fishing!

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