Single hooks on a table.

Single vs. Treble Hooks for Stocked Trout Fishing

Which hook lands more stocked trout – treble or single? Each hook type has its own pros and cons for stocked trout fishing, and I have had days scratching my head as to why one hook or the other did better or worse. I have used both kinds of hooks for 30+ years, and here is my take on using each style of hook for trout fishing.

Single Hooks – I prefer using single hooks 90% of the time chasing stocked trout. Bank fishing with powerbait or eggs, I am a single hook user. The trout get hooked better using those baits, and fishing a bait under a bobber, the single hook out catches the treble hook. Plus, it’s much easier to keep eggs and worms on single hooks then treble hooks. Treble hooks – Fishing spinners from the bank or trolling, that’s when I use treble hooks. Stocked trout will swipe at spinners and fast moving baits, and the use of the treble hooks will keep your hook-up ratio high with 3 hook points. Single hooks on spinners can still be effective, but this is where treble hooks are preferred. Spinners, spoons and plugs favor treble hooks. And when it comes to powerbait, treble hooks are effective. But when stocked trout swallow powerbait, it’s much harder to get a treble hook out then a single hook. Plus, I have found days where the trout bite the powerbait on the treble hook and spit out the hook Or, the trout grab the bait right off the treble hook without getting a hook point in their mouth. If the bait doesn’t cover all the hooks, the trout will feel that when grabbing the bait or see those hooks sticking though and avoid the bait.So at the end of the day, my favorite hook comes down to the baits I use. Powerbait, eggs and worms with single hooks with treble hooks on spinners, spoons, and plugs.

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