Will fishing from the bank.

Spring Chinook Bank Fishing Tips

I love the fresh spring airy walk on the way to the bank fishing spot. The sound of water, the light from my headlamp guiding the way toward the perfect spot to chase some spring chinook.As the cold, dark days of winter can be found in the rearview mirror, you can look ahead toward those warmer spring days on the water chasing springers. While chasing spring chinook from a boat can be effective, anglers should not overlook fishing from the bank. When the right conditions come into play and springers are around, bank fishing can be more effective than boat fishing.Here are 5 spring chinook bank fishing tips that will help you prepare better and catch more spring chinook;#1 – Change to Fresh Bait OftenEvery 30 to 45 minutes you should be changing out coon shrimp, wraps on plugs, or any bait. Spring chinook love that fresh bait scent, and I have gotten more bites right after fishing a new fresh bait. So, never skimp on fresh bait.#2 – Fish EarlySpring chinook are early morning biters. Before the sun has risen above the trees, it’s still so dark out you can’t see much, but the springers love it. I have caught more spring chinook and seen more springers caught before the sun is up and beaming down on the water. Springers will be on the hunt, so get to your spot early and have your bait in the water. The early start could put a fish in the cooler, and you are headed home in time for breakfast!#3 – Don’t Forget PlugsFishing the traditional spin-n-glow plunking setup, do not forget about sliding a plug down the mainline. The plug will fish shallower water, for that super shallow springer, and add a different bait in the travel zone. And don’t forget to wrap the plug with some fresh bait. It does make a huge difference.#4 – Use a Big Rod & Big ReelsBank fishing for springers can require a big and long cast which a big rod and reel will help you make that extra long cast. I love a 12 foot heavy rod with a 40-55 size reel. Get your gear out just a little farther than everyone else to get that big springer.#5 – Fish ShallowSpring season brings rain and snow melt off, and the rivers will experience significant rises. And when the river levels are on the rise or at higher than normal levels, spring chinook will hug the bank closely. So do not be afraid to fish really shallow in a few feet to catch a springer.

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