Fall Trout Fishing Mistakes – Don’t Do These!

Fall is my favorite time of the year! And for trout fishing anglers, we have many opportunities to chase some big trout, and the conditions can produce some of the best bites of the year. In the fall, trout start to bulk up for the grueling, cold winter where water conditions change drastically, and those summer trout fishing tips are no longer viable for success on the water. When you plan a trip out trout fishing in the fall, you should of course rely on key baits, scents, and multiple different techniques. But you should also avoid the easy mistakes that could cost you a fish, or two fish, or even that biggest trout of the year. When it comes to fall trout fishing, definitely avoid these mistakes:Mistake #1 – Fishing TOO Big of Bait! In the summer months, we fish with some huge trout baits, big spinners, blobs of trout bait, and more. As water and weather conditions change in the fall, water temps start to drop, pay close attention to the size of the bait you present. Too many times I have fished with too big of bait, only to size down and start getting bite after bite. I have also gone with too small of a bait. Play around with different sizes of bait to find that perfect presentation.Mistake #2 – Fishing TOO Deep! In the fall the trout will move from the deeper waters to the shallower waters as the waters cool down, the lake turns over, and the trout start feeding up shallow. Even though the sun may be out, and it might be warm, the trout can still be moving shallow. Make casts far away, then work your way closer each cast to find where those trout might be. The trout may be within view from the bank!Mistake #3 – NOT Changing Bait Colors! When I think of the fall, I think of rain and changing water colors. Debris in the water can be a huge factor in fall trout fishing as leaves, needles and debris make it’s way into each body of water. Details matter when trout fishing, so before you make that first cast, look at the water. What color is the water? What debris is in the water? If you stick with the same color bait every trip out, especially in off-colored water, be prepared for some long days. Change up your colors based on the water and weather conditions. Change spinners every 10 casts if you have to. Sometimes that’s just the trick!Mistake #4 – Trolling TOO Fast! Whether from a boat, kayak or any fishing vessel, be very mindful of your speed. In the summer I love to troll faster to get a big reaction bite. But as water temps come down, start to dial down your trolling speed. Some days it might require  slower speeds to get a bite. Remember, in cooler waters you should slow the troll down. Do not settle on a single speed. Adjust and keep adjusting.Mistake #5 – Having NO Patience! I have been guilty of this many times fishing a really good hole or spot, and giving up too quickly. If you have a good fishing spot and you believe there are trout in that hole, keep grinding. Keep going. Different baits, scents, lure sizes, different levels in the water column. Exhaust your tackle box because you have a bait that will get that big bite!

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