Will holding a huge trout.

Fall Trout Fishing: Tips to Catch the BIG ONE!

I love fall trout fishing! Cooler weather, the transition and colors of the leaves, and chasing trout to catch that really big one! All summer long trout are feeding and getting ready for the winter, and into the fall trout start to finish that feeding frenzy. Which means you can cast, troll, plunk or bobber fish for some big trout and that one big bite! Each fall I put in the time and always come up with a couple of really big trout out of know where. So to help you catch that big fall trout, here are some fall trout fishing tips to help you hook and land a big one!Tip 1 – Start Fishing Closer to the BankOne big lakes, the trout will start to move up shallow as the water temps cool down, which give bank anglers a great opportunity to fish up close and encounter a big trout. Do not be afraid to fish a big bait in shallow like a nightcrawler, multiple eggs on a single hook, or cast a big spinner to entice a bite. Once the fish move shallow, target them shallow.Tip 2 – Use Moving Baits When the Wind & Leaves Start BlowingAs leaves and debris start to fall in the water, you should pick up a spinner or a moving bait and start casting and receiving. Nothing can be more awesome than getting a moving bait to stand out with so much junk in the water. Chrome and silver moving baits create contrast that can get the trouts attention from a long distance, and they will beam straight for the bait. Just be warned that you will hook leaves and debris a bunch, but the payoff will be some huge bites with the right moving baits!Tip 3 – Watch the Water TemperatureShorter days, cooler weather means the water temps will start to drop. And they can drop significantly. Pay close attention to water temps trolling or just feeling the water day over day. Big changes can put the trout off the bite, and the trout will be on the move to different water in search of specific temperatures. You may need to move around to find the trout, and that starts with understanding water temp changes.Tip 4 – Use Bugs Before the FreezeFor fly fishing anglers, get out those bugs right before the temps start to freeze and winter arrives. Trout will gorge on those last few bugs out to beef up for the winter, and fishing bugs can be just the ticket for those big fish looking to feed up. Match the hatch, but just throw any bug!Tip 5 – Make Quick Changes When TrollingWhether it’s baits, colors, depths, or location, trolling for trout in the fall will require you cover plenty of water on the lake or reservoir. I have found days scratching out a bite or two before figuring out where the trout are. And with fall conditions changing the water so much, as an angler you will need to keep making changes to find the right pattern or location. So change, make quick changes if you get no bites, and keep trying until you get a pattern or hook that giant one!

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