Holding up a big rainbow trout

Improve Your Trout Fishing in 2023

Sitting at my desk, looking outside at the snow falling, my mind starts to think about the warmer days of spring and more frequent trout fishing trips to the lake, stream, river, pond and creeks. 2022 happened to be a really good year for trout fishing, but as the snow continues to fall, my mind starts thinking about ways to improve my trout fishing. How can I catch more trout.

To get your 2023 trout fishing off to a good start with more hook sets and trout in the net, incorporate these 

3 trout fishing tips in 2023!

Tip #1 – Cover More Water!

Whether bank fishing or trolling for trout, you have to cover more water. Even in the span of a few hours, trout can move up and down the water column, or off the bank into deeper water. Covering more water will give you an upper hand in finding the trout, and putting the right bait in the water.

Tip #2 – Bait Size Matters

As anglers, we get so focused on the bait type, color, and scent our thought of bait size fades far from our minds. Like any fish, trout can be finicky on baits they will bite, and depending on the time of year, the size of bait will make a huge difference. Winter fishing will be the smallest baits, summer will be the biggest baits. All bait sizes in between, anglers will have to play with different bait sizes to find the perfect size. Start somewhere and either go bigger or go smaller.

Tip #3 – Experiment!

Often as anglers, we get into a grove of using the same bait, same colors over and over again if they seem to work. But take the time to try new bait colors, different scent combinations. Grab that spinner out of the tackle box you have never used. Try, keep learning, and experiment!

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