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Spring Trout Fishing Preparation: 5 Tips for a Successful Season

Spring trout fishing is my favorite. Not too warm, not too cold, trout stocking starts to take place, fewer anglers on the river chasing late winter trout, and a set of cold fingers chasing trout of all species.A good spring trout season starts with preparation. And preparation is the key to success. To get you ready for a successful season, here are 5 spring trout preparation tips:1. Re-line those reels. If you haven’t fished since the fall, put some new line on the reels. To save money and not re-line the entire reel, peel off line so half of the reel has the old line. Then with a uni to uni knot, tie the new line on and start adding. The old line serves as backing, and you have yards of new line to cast and plunk for trout. 2. Check All Your Baits. When it comes to powerbait and trout eggs, you are looking for any funny egg oder or dry powerbait. Throw out the eggs if they don’t smell good, and add a drop or two of water to revive dry powerbait. You want to start the season with the best bait possible.3. Clean Your Reels and Rods. A quick reel cleaning, add a drop of lube to the right parts, will give you a buttery smooth reel. Do a quick check on all the guides on the rod, clean up any dirt or grim. Start the season clean and fresh. Make sure the key elements of your gear are in top working shape.4. Organize the Tackle Box. I find organizing my tackle and gear relaxing. Putting all the hooks, weights, spinners, gear all back where it goes. So much of trout fishing is being prepared to hit the water, and having all the gear organized will help you swap baits quickly. Remember, a messy and un-organized tackle box will take precious time away from fishing when you are scrummaging around for that one spinner you can’t find…5. Go Scout. Whether it’s a small stream, river, creek, lake, or pond, go scout and walk around, go find some new fishing locations, see how the winter conditions have changed your favorite body of water, go trolling at the lake and drop some new way points on the fish finder. Scouting can make a big difference, so put in some time, and find your catch rate going up.

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