The Best 5 Stocked Trout Baits of All-Time (IMHO)

I caught my first stocked trout when I was 4 years old, and I have always looked ahead to that next chance to catch a trout on my Abu Garcia vintage 1990s fishing rod and reel combination. For decades states in the USA have put stocked trout programs in place for anglers of all ages to catch fish. And yes, even when I get old I will be chasing trout every chance I get!To catch trout, anglers have so many different bait options to hook a stocked trout, or even a limit of stocked trout. But here are what I would consider the Top 5 Stocked Trout Baits of All Time:

Trout Powerbait.The formula can sometimes be too powerful when catching stocked trout. Trout powerbait comes in over 50 different colors from Berkley fishing, and many other companies have taken a swing at their version of trout powerbait or trout dough. Every time I go out fishing, I always have a jar of powerbait with me. Powerbait is a stocked trout catching bait you should always use, as long as you get all the glitter off your hands and face after use.
Spinners. I love casting spinners and feeling the trout slam that spinner hard! Spinners are versatile, they come in many blade styles, shapes and sizes of all kinds. Whether casting or trolling, spinner bites are the best. Who doesn’t love having a spinning rod in your hand all day making precise casts with trout crushing that spinner? I know I love it.

Worms / nightcrawlers. Now, I have never liked putting my own worms on the hook – I hate the feel of worms. However, they do catch an awful lot of stocked trout no matter where you go fishing. Worms get those hungry trout on the prowl to eat that entire work (or sometimes strip it clean off the hook). And do not forget your worms in the boat at home, it will start to stink!

Flies. The favorite bait of a fly fishing angler. Flies are probably in the top 3 for catching trout of any kind across the country. But flies also catch a ton of stocked trout as they look to bulk up in the fall, and work at all times of the year. In shallow water, flies for me are a must-use bait.

Eggs. Whether trout eggs or salmon eggs, stocked trout love eggs. Fishing eggs for stocked trout you have so many different options and brands to choose. In the last few years, more types and scented eggs have hit the market, which has expanded anglers opportunities to land more trout in the net. My favorite is the orange glitter power eggs from Berkley. Those eggs absolutely can crush stocked trout, and I have not come close to my personal best of 14 trout caught in an hour on those eggs. So yeah, eggs work really well!

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