Will with his Trout Magnet set.

Trout Magnet Fishing Tips

In 1997, Leland’s Lures began and the Trout Magnet was created! And ever since, anglers have been catching trout from Alaska to Maine with the Trout Magnet. The trout magnet is a grub-like bait with a split tail, creating small action with just a little movement in the water or lots of action in creeks, streams and small rivers. I love fishing the trout magnet in shallow ponds and small creeks where fishing the trout magnet under a bobber can create some epic bites and big rainbow trout.Now fishing the trout magnet can be as easy as threading the grub onto a jig head and making a cast. But if you want to be the best trout magnet trout fishing angler, use these trout magnet tips:Rig with light line: the trout magnet fishes best with light fluorocarbon or monofilament. I like 6lb line to keep the line light and the set the hook to keep that hook pinned in the trout.Just Twitch It: when fishing on small ponds or lakes on days with no wind, give the trout magnet a small twitch every once and awhile. Or just reel in super super slowly to give the tail action. Even inching the bait back to the bank can get the trout to see the lure and attack. Remember, action = trout reaction and bite!Add scent: the trout magnet does not have any scent, but you can always add a little attractant. Grab that favorite bottle of Pro-Cure gel and add a dab to the middle of the lure. I love using Sweet Corn or Nightcrawler Pro-Cure scent for stocked trout. Add color: if you purchase one of the trout magnet kits (I recommend the Bit Kit), you have 11 color options to choose. And if you want to amplify your color game, bring a black sharpie or colored sharpies to add some lines or dots to the trout magnet. Just a little variety makes a big difference to entice the bite.Fish Under a Bobber: although the trout magnet can be fished multiple different ways, my favorite is always under a bobber. You can cast the trout magnet far, give it movement, and you have the chance to yell ‘bobber down’ which we all love!To purchase a Trout Magnet kit, check out my favorite HERE!

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