Will holding a bag of crab flavored potato chips.

Dungeness Crab Flavored Chips!!

Dungenes crab potato chips??!!?? Yes, crab potato chips really exist!Walking into one of my favorite local grocery stores, I grabbed a basket and headed down the first isle in search of date-night items for dinner. As I walked past the deli to the first isle, I could smell the fresh pepperoni pizza in the pizza oven behind the counter. And oh did it smell delicious. But I had a mission to grab dinner and get home.As I walked down the first aisle, I grabbed a gallon of milk, then turned behind me to take a look at the potato chips. And there they were. Dungeness crab potato chips. Wait what? I had to rub my eyes and look twice just to confirm I wasn’t dreaming. Nope. They are real! So of course, as a lover of Dungeness crab and crabbing, I have to try Tim’s Dungeness crab chips. I have see many different types of chips, but never crab chips. I grab a bag, head through the rest of the store to get the rest of dinner.After an excellent date night dinner, I grabbed the bag of crab chips. Opening the bag, I could smell the spices and scent of potatoes. I grab my first chip. It’s large, slightly misshaped, but I don’t care. I take a bite. Big Crunch! Hey, these are pretty good! Now I have a new boat snack for crabbing. And if I don’t catch any crabs, I can still have crabs for dinner, crab chips!

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