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How to Properly Store Your Trout Powerbait

The garage, the closet, the freezer, the fridge, the man cave. Where is the best place to properly store your trout powerbait when not being used at your favorite body of water? In my 30+ years of trout fishing, I have seen and heard it all when it comes to storing trout powerbait when not in use. When it comes to the best storage option, room temperature or a dark, cool closet will be the best places. Powerbait is a dough, and does change due to hot temperatures or even super cold weather. When storing your baits, put them away at room temperature. I keep mine in a dresser drawer in the house. You never want to put powerbait in the freezer or a garage that heats up.But on very warm days of fishing, consider storing your powerbait in the fridge for a little while when you get home, and bring down the temperature of the bait jar. Keeping powerbait outside in warm temps will change the consistency, and even dry out powerbait. After very warm days, I put jars in the fridge when getting home for an hour or two. But I have also left pretty full jars in the fridge for years, and the bait works just fine. And every so often, check on your powerboats, even if you are not using them very often. When jars have 25% or less of bait in them, the powerbait tends to dry out faster, even if stored properly. So keep a close eye, and add a single drop of warm water, store the powerbait in the fridge overnight to bring your trout powerbait back to life. By storing your trout powerbaits properly, you will extend the life out of each bait jar, and continue to catch more trout every trip out.

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