Will holding a huge Sockeye salmon.

Sockeye Salmon Fishing on the Kenai River

I can remember my first time fishing on Alaska’s best rivers, the Kenai River. Grabbing my Ugly Stik, putting a yarnie around a hook, and getting that first sockeye to bite. The bald eagle flying around looking for a fish carcus free meal, the mosquitos as big as my hand, and the sound of water flowing from the mountains.Sockeye salmon on the Kenai River is one of the best fishing experiences in the world. The sockeye fight really hard, you can literally fish for 24 hours straight in the summer (the sun never sets), and the camaraderie on the river fishing with friends is unlike anything else I have experienced. I love the pace of fishing on the Kenai. Take your time waking up. Make a few casts with coffee. Grab breakfast. Go catch some fish. Take a break. Go fishing again. Lunch. Nap. Fishing again. Another short nap. Late afternoon fishing. Dinner. More fishing. Grab the headlamp and fish more.Unlike back woods, bush pilot drop off in the middle of know where fishing in Alaska, the Kenai River offers lots of bank access and plenty of cabins. And the gear required to catch sockeye won’t break the bank. A fly fishing rod or a spinning rod with a good reel will help you land some thick and strong sockeye. And trust me when I say a quality rod is a must (I’ve broken 4 mediocre rods from these strong salmon). Everyone I meet on the Kenai River has a story about why they love fishing, why they love the river, why the love to chase sockeye, and what they love about fishing in general. And the main reason people love sockeye salmon fishing on the Kenai: they just love fishing. And so do I!

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