Will holding a winter steelhead with beautiful chrome coloring.

Winter Steelhead Fishing is FUN!

The day after Thanksgiving has been a tradition for anglers in the Northwest as the start of winter steelhead season. But in the last decade, the season has shifted later and later into February and March, producing some epic fishing into the later winter days. I was introduced to steelhead fishing a few years ago, going on a trip with Cody Herman of Day One Outdoors, who helped land my first ever steelhead.Now winter steelhead may be the fish of a thousand casts, but it’s not for the everyday angler. Tough winter conditions, downpours, cold feet wading in the water, wet hands and face from the rain pummeling your face, and frozen reels are just a few elements anglers have to face. But once you face the cold head on, steelhead fishing is fun! A good day winter steelhead fishing is hooking a landing one fish. But most days, anglers leave home without a single bite. Frustrated. Upset. Disappointed. Angry. But for me, I’m perfectly fine if I don’t get a bite. Steelhead fishing is tough. You have to put in the hours. It’s a grind. But I love the fishing for the fact you can have long stretches of the river to yourself, time to play around with different baits, pick a section of the river apart, and lose track of time having fun. Winter fishing for me has never been about success or failure. It’s about having fun, getting out on the water, embracing the elements and fishing with your friends, and making memories no matter how many casts you make in a day!

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