Will, excited to be in his new kayak!

Learning to Kayak Fish (Do’s and Do Nots)

I finally did it! I bought my first ever fishing kayak. A few years ago, I bought an inflatable kayak and did some fishing out of it, and caught many stocked rainbow trout and bass. But a hole put that kayak into retirement. And along came the new fishing kayak.When I had the chance to hit the lake and go out fishing with the kayak for the first time, fishing from the kayak felt natural. Although the angle of casting and being closer to the water are much different than boat fishing, instincts took over. Making better casts. Figuring out kayak position in the water. Standing up and sitting down. After a few trips out, I found myself with a list of do’s and don’ts as I started my kayak fishing journey to help any new kayak fisherman on their kayak fishing journey.What To DoPack Light – Having too much gear in the kayak can be a challenge to be organized and quickly change between rods and baits. I found on the first trip out having just a few baits was a great way to go. And once you get better at kayak fishing and have your organization system setup, start taking more baits with you. But to start, go simple and lightWhat Not To DoHave Loose Gear – Between the pliers, your phone, fish measure, just to name a few items that commonly fall out of boats and kayaks, don’t keep those critical items lose for the chance of them falling over the side. Take the time to store important items or have them clipped to the kayak, don’t ask me how I know!What To DoFish with a Friend – Especially if it’s your first time, have a friend with a kayak tag along. The fishing will be way more fun, and will make it easier for any adjustments and learning how to fish from the kayak.What Not To DoForget the Safety Gear – Always wear your life jacket. Bring your safety gear in case something happens. Carry a small first aid kit. Have an extra charger for your phone. Always remember safety first.What To DoLearn Something New Every Time Out Fishing – The first time on the kayak, I took some time to adjust as I went along pedaling around the lake, understanding how to position against the wind, how to cast from different angles, how to make that perfect cast. It will take time. Each time out, learn how to do something new and something better, and you will become a master kayak fisherman quickly!

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