A fishing bobber.

My Favorite Trout Fishing Bobber

The very first time I put my eyes on the Addicted Fishing bobbers, I needed one asap. Addicted Fishing is a brand from the Northwest part of the USA, with a YouTube channel over 300k+ strong. Addicted Fishing also has multiple product collaborations, including Mustad fishing bobbers. A few years ago, the crew from Addicted Fishing came out with their fixed bobber setup, and I knew the bobber would be perfect for trout fishing. The balsa wood design with bright pink, chartreuse, and orange uppers, allow anglers to never lose sight of the bobber. Plus, the weight and dimensions of the bobber will help you make much longer casts than those traditional red and white bobbers. For me, the Addicted bobbers are a must-have for trout fishing for a few reasons:Weight & Dimensions – you can cast the bobber much farther and fish more waterSlip Bobber Setup – you can adjust the bobber up and down the line quicklyColors – the bright pink, chartreuse or orange shines bright in the water, easy to seeGoes with the Flow – the bobbers sit perfectly in all water flow speedsValue – the price of the bobber will pay off with more bobber downs & fish in the netSo next time you go looking for a new trout fishing bobber or see that red and white old-school bobber in the store, upgrade to the only trout fishing bobber you will ever need, the Addicted Fishing x Mustad bobber!Get the best trout fishing bobber HERE!

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