Boat cleaning products.

You Must Get These Boat Cleaning Products!!

I found my new favorite fishing gear. And no, it’s not a new lure. Or a new rod. Or a new reel. It’s boat cleaning products from Better Boat!For any boat (or kayak, sailboat, or water vessel) owner, taking care and cleaning your boat is a must. I cringe all the time at boats with filth and grime, where a little cleaning and maintenance could have kept the life of the boat going. Instead, you see a dark, musty and grimy boat.As a boat owner, I care deeply about my Smokercraft Excursion. Keeping it clean for those trips to the lake, washing it down after a crabbing and salmon fishing trip to the coast. Washing the outside, and parts of the inside, of the boat can extend the life of your boat. So when I came across the Better Boat company, an American company, I found my new favorite fishing gear.And in particular, one of the best products Better Boat makes is the boat cleaning soap. 100% biodegradable, the soap is environmentally friendly and better for the water and animals than the normal boat cleaners you find on the market with so many chemicals. I have been using the boat cleaner for months, and my Smokercraft shines like a silver dollar every time after cleaning the outside of the boat. And the first time I ever tried the cleaner, I didn’t feel that chemical sensation on my hands after cleaning the boat like I have with other boat cleaners in the past.Better Boat company has so many amazing boat cleaning and maintenance products for the needs of any boater, fisherman, and kayakers, I highly recommend checking out and see if you can find your new favorite fishing gear.

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