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How to Re-Use Old Fishing Line as Backing

We all have that fishing reel that needs new fishing line. The reel that hasn’t been fished in years, or that favorite reel you fish with all season or all year long. But when it comes time to changing out the line on your reel, do NOT take all the line off. Such a waste.

One of my favorite fishing hacks and tricks is using older fishing line as backing for reels. Fishing reels today can hold so much more line than reels from 20 years ago and later. Adding new line to fill an entire reel can be expensive. But one way to reduce that cost is to put older fishing line on the reel first. This is called backing. It’s the first ~50-70 yards of line on your reel that you won’t typically use fishing, but can be left on the reel for ages, so you don’t have to put brand new line on and fill the entire reel each time.By putting 50-70 yards of backing on a reel that holds 110 yards, you will still have 40-60 yards of the main fishing line to use. And if you get close to seeing the backing as you start fishing and cut off line, just add more new line to re-fill the reel without re-filling all 110 yards. A great way to cut down on fishing line costs, and a great way to re-use old line from reels for new reels. In one year alone, I saved $150 in fishing line by using older line for backing, so definitely worth the hack and your wallet will thank you too!

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